Client Testimonials

Nearly 2 years ago I helped my daughter find and purchase her 1st home. Being the loving and protective father that I am I wanted to make sure she was making a wise investment so I sought out a Home Inspector I could trust. Dennis Goudreau was recommended by the real estate company I was working worth.

Dennis did a very thorough inspection and pointed out the good as well as possible issues that needed to be addressed. I was extremely pleased with his honesty,thoroughness, and knowledge he knew what he was looking for !

The inspection performed gave me peace of mind as I knew this home was indeed a good investment and worthy of an offer. The care Dennis exhibited while inspecting this home is noteworthy - it was almost as if he was buying it for himself. I highly recommend the services of D.R.G. Inspections by anyone who is considering the purchase of a home.

Brian L.
Milford New Hampshire

I was listing my house of 15 years and decided to have a inspection, a friend recommend DRG Inspections he had inspected their house and liked his job. He spent about 2 1/2 hrs and when he was done he had told me things about my home that I did not know, I was very pleased with his work as he pointed out several problems  that could have effected the sale price, I had these problems fixed and when I found a buyer his inspector found nothing wrong with my house. I do recommend DRG and have recommended him to others , his honesty, and thoroughness are great asset to his clients.

L Ross
Nashua New Hampshire

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