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15 tools to have around your NH house

 Every home should have a basic set of tools here is a list of some of the necessary ones

1.  Plunger
A clogged sink or toilet is one of the most inconvenient household problems that you will face. With a plunger on hand, however, you can fix most of the related problems. Also you should have 2 plungers one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom area .

2.  Combination Wrench Set

One end of a combination wrench set is open and the other end is a closed loop.  Since nuts and bolts come in both  standard and metric sizes, and because both varieties are widely used, you should have both types on hand .

3.  Slip-Joint Pliers

Use slip-joint pliers to grab hold of a nail, a nut, a bolt,and more. These types of pliers are versatile because of the jaws, which feature both flat and curved areas for gripping many types of objects.Also there is a slip joint that allows you to adjust the jaw size.

4.Adjustable Wrench
While they can sometimes be awkard to use and you might damage a nut or bolt, they are great when you need two wrenches of the same size.

5.Caulking Gun
For various cracks and gaps around your house you are going to need a caulking gun, caulking helps in the prevention of water penetration , thermal barriers , and even noise reduction.  remember to caulk only when the areas are clean and dry.

No tool on this list will be of any help if you can't see what you are doing, there are many choices and many price ranges to chose from but the traditional two battery flashlight should be OK for around the house.

7.Torpedo Level
When you have to hang that picture or shelf or install a new appliance ,you have to check for level .The torpedo level is a good choice not only because it shows when you are level ,but it also has a gauge to show when youe at 45 degrees the bubble has to be in the middle.

8. Safety Glasses or goggles
When using power tools or doing demolition or other jobs don't forget the use these.

9.Claw Hammer
Probably one of the most useful tools in the house a good hammer is useful for demo or driving nails, you might want to consider a 16 oz hammer it is good for all purposes.

10. Screwdriver set
While electrical screwdrivers can be convenient, they are no substitute for a set of good manual screwdrivers, a small and large and Phillip's and Flathead will do the trick.

11.Wire cutters
used to cut wire and small nails it should be added to the toolbox in the house.

 12. Tape Measure

Measuring house projects requires a tape measure -- not a ruler or a yardstick. Tape measures come in many lengths, although 25 feet is best.  Measure everything at least twice to ensure accuracy.

A hacksaw is useful for cutting metal objects, such as pipes, bolts and brackets. Hacksaws look thin and flimsy, but they will  easily cut through even the hardest of metals. Blades are replaceable, make sure to spend the money on a good one.

14.Resiprator/saftey mask

While most paint and sealers etc are being made less toxic, they still can have some dangerous chemicals , this is a good reason to wear one of these .

15.Duct tape

This tape is extremely strong and is widely used to make temporary repairs to many types of items. it’s one of the key items specified for home emergency kits because it is water-resistant and extremely sticky.


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