Infra Red Thermal Imaging

What  is Thermal Imaging

A non invasive method of Inspecting buildings in New  Hampshire

To make it easily understood, Thermal Imaging is the process of viewing and recording actual surface temperatures,signatures, and anomalies observed at surfaces such as walls.ceilings,floors
pipes,ducts,etc.Think of it as a thermometer with a television attached.instead of mercury rising through the marks,the temperature is translated into a visual image by the use of  thermal imagery
this allows the observation and interpretation of surface temperatures to help determine what is or what may be happening in areas that can not be readily viewed without destructive evaluation.
All objects emit energy in the form of heat, thermal imaging allows me to see this energy and interpret these finding of the anomalies observed. In New Hampshire thermal  energy loss surveys can be a great asset to find those areas of air infiltration that you can then seal up and stop those costs of energy loss. At my home in Nashua the scan  showed me areas that needed attention.

DRG Inspections LLC is now offering Infrared Thermal Imaging, currently my Thermal Imaging website is under construction so please if you have any questions or would like a thermal scan in the Nashua or surrounding areas in NH please give  me a call at 603-321-2160.


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